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Who are Lithnet?

We believe that the current IT threat landscape is heavily favored towards the bad actor; having access to thousands of easily accessible options that can be deployed with minimal knowledge or understanding of the impact caused to businesses.
While many options exist for the defender, they either require in-place hardware appliances, are prohibitively expensive or not specific enough in what defense they offer.
Our aim is twofold - level the playing field by providing software solutions that are easy to understand, affordable and provide immediate impact once implemented while providing expert guidance to IT staff throughout our engagements to increase organizations understanding of IT security, identity management and the value of investing in it.
Lithnet was created by Ryan Newington, a Microsoft MVP, identity architect and .NET developer with over 20 years experience working with Microsoft technologies.
We are fortunate enough to have people from all around the world contributing to our tools and technologies that we offer to the IT community. Contributions come in the form of code, testing, issue reports as well as feature and improvement requests.

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