Getting Started

In order to get up and running with Lithnet Password Protection, you'll need to complete the following steps

  • Install the module You'll need to download and install the application on your writable domain controllers to enable password filtering. You can also install the application on other servers to allow you to use the PowerShell cmdlets and manage the password settings via group policy.

  • Create a new store If you plan on using the compromised password functionality, then once the module is installed you'll need to create the database that contains the compromised passwords. You can use PowerShell to import compromised passwords from data sets such as the pwned password list.

  • Test the password filter Once filter has been installed and configured, you can start testing the password filter.

  • Audit existing passwords As an optional step, you can test the passwords of all existing users in your domain, to see if any of them are in the compromised password store. As these passwords have already been converted to a one-way hash in the Active Directory database, you cannot test other policies such as length and complexity against them.

  • Event logging and reporting Understand the events logged by the password filter, so you can audit and report on password change results.

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