The Lithnet ECMA2 framework is a .NET library that provides a simplified interface for creating ECMA2 connectors for the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) synchronization engine.

It has native support for async operations, and provides a simplified interface for common operations such as creating and updating objects, and handling multivalued attributes.

The framework is available as a NuGet package.


  • Full async support

  • Support for dependency injection

  • Support for IOptions<T> pattern for configuration with validation

  • Strongly typed MIM configuration

  • Implements the producer/consumer pattern for high performance imports

  • Removes the need to manage paging of import results back to MIM

  • Exports are multithreaded by default

  • Manages object import/export exceptions automatically and reports them back to MIM

  • No need to implement IMAExtensible* interfaces. The framework contains a code generator that will create these for you

  • Support for single-file assemblies


You can see a full working example by referencing the Lithnet.Okta.ManagementAgent project, which is based on this framework.

For a smaller, simple starting point program, you can refer to the Lithnet.Ecma2Framework.Example project in the GitHub repository.

Getting started

Get started reading our guide.

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