FIM/MIM Service PowerShell Module

The Lithnet FIM/MIM Service PowerShell module is designed to make working with the FIM Service faster and easier. It abstracts away the complexity of the FIM Service and the FIMAutomation PowerShell module, and exposes a robust set of cmdlets for creating, updating, deleting and searching for resources.

How can I contribute to the project?

  • Found an issue and want us to fix it? Log it

  • Want to fix an issue yourself or add functionality? Clone the project and submit a pull request

Enteprise support

Lithnet offer enterprise support plans for our open-source products. Deploy our tools with confidence that you have the backing of the dedicated Lithnet support team if you run into any issues, have questions, or need advice. Reach out to support@lithnet.io, let us know the number of users you are managing with your MIM implementation, and we'll put together a quote.

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