Microsoft LAPS configuration page

Access Manager can read LAPS passwords from Active Directory generated by both the new and legacy Microsoft LAPS agents.


A list of forests is shown along with an indication of the deployment status of the legacy and new Microsoft LAPS schemas.

The legacy, or classic, Microsoft LAPS schema uses an attribute called ms-mcs-admpwd to store the local admin password in plain text.

The new Microsoft LAPS agent in Windows 11 uses attributes called msLAPS-Password and msLAPS-EncryptedPassword.

If you need to deploy the Microsoft LAPS schema, refer to the Microsoft guides on how to complete this process.


If you plan on using Lithnet Access Manager to read Microsoft LAPS passwords, you'll need to delegate permission for the AMS service account to read those passwords. You can use the built-in cmdlets from Microsoft's PowerShell modules, or click the Delegate Microsoft LAPS Permissions button to generate a script to do this automatically.

Copy or save the script, modify the $OU variable as appropriate, and run it in with domain admin rights.

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