The first step of any troubleshooting endeavor is check in the Access Manager log files. These contain information about errors and other important events.

Access Manager Service

The Access Manager Service has several log files.

access-manager-webapp.log Contains events from the Access Manager web app, including information on access requests and authorization results.

access-manager-api.log Contains events from the Access Manager API, including things like device authentication, registration and password updates.

access-manager-service.log Contains events from the core access manager service, the scheduler, RPC interface, and worker services.

access-manager-jitworker.log Contains events from the JIT worker service, which is responsible for creating and deleting JIT groups for computer objects when this feature is enabled.

These logs are located in %ProgramFiles%\Lithnet\Access Manager Service\Logs

Access Manager Agent

The Access Manager Agent log files are located in %ProgramFiles%\Lithnet\Access Manager Agent\Logs

Configuration Tool

The configuration UI also has a log file to keep track of any issues encountered in the tool itself. The log file is called access-manager-ui.log and is located in %ProgramFiles%\Lithnet\Access Manager Service\Logs

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