Product Overview

AutoSync is a windows service that runs along side of the FIM/MIM synchronization service, and automatically executes management agent run profiles. AutoSync automatically performs exports and delta synchronizations when changes are detected in the sync engine. AutoSync relies on you to define when import operations should run, and provides various event-based and scheduled mechanisms for you to do so.

How it works

Whenever an import is performed, AutoSync will check for staged changes in the MA, if there are changes staged, it will automatically perform a delta synchronization on that management agent. If the synchronization results in outbound changes (exports), an export job is kicked off on each management agent. A confirming import will be performed after the export, and once again, if there are changes staged from the import, a delta synchronization will be performed. AutoSync will continue the cycle until all changes have been processed.

AutoSync provides triggers to determine when to run import operations, and other run profiles outside of the standard delta import, delta sync, export, confirming import cycle.

How to get started

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