Installing AutoSync

Step 1: Download

Download the installer from the releases page

Step 2: Configure and Install Prerequisites

Read the installation prerequisites and create the service account. You should add the service account to the MIM sync admins group.

Step 3: Install the service

Specify the service account credentials

Provide the details of the account created in the prerequisites section. Note the password is not validated by the installer, so ensure it is correct.

Specify the log path and admin group

Specify the path that AutoSync will use to write its log files. You also need to provide the name of the group that is allowed to configure the AutoSync service. By default, the FIMSyncAdmins group is used, but any existing domain or local group can be used. Please note if you create a new group, you may need to log off and log back on after installing AutoSync before the new permissions take effect.

Step 4: Configure the service

Launch the AutoSync editor, and review the topic on configuration for more details on how to configure the AutoSync service.

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