Configuring the AutoSync service

Once you have installed AutoSync, you need to configure the service appropriately for your environment.

Step 1: Configure the management agents

The first step is to configure each of your management agents. This involves enabling the management agent, specifying the appropriate run profiles to use, and defining triggers.

Step 2: Configure settings

Use the settings pages to configure

Step 3: Commit changes

Use the commit changes item under the File menu to save the changes and activate your configuration. If any components require restart for the changes to take effect, you will be prompted to restart them.

Step 4: Back up the service configuration

The service's configuration can be backed up and restored using the appropriate option in the File menu. Backup files can be transported to other installations and environments. Be aware that any credentials you have specified (such as mail server credentials) will be exported in plain-text.

Step 5: Start the execution engine

Navigate to the Execution monitor and press start all to start the management agents. Disabled management agents will be ignored. If you want the execution engine to start automatically when the service starts, select the Automatically start executors when service starts tick box.

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