Frequently asked questions

What is Lithnet AutoSync?

AutoSync is a windows service that runs along side of the FIM/MIM synchronization service, and automatically executes management agent run profiles. AutoSync automatically performs exports and delta synchronizations when changes are detected in the sync engine. AutoSync relies on you to define when import operations should run, and provides various event-based and scheduled mechanisms for you to do so.

What advantage is there to using AutoSync over a scheduled script?

By ensuring run profiles are executed only when needed, AutoSync keeps the sync engine from doing work it doesn't need to do. When combined with event-based triggers, the sync engine can respond to changes in connected systems in as close to real-time as possible. AutoSync allows for the fastest propagation of changes possible, while respecting the sync engine rules for overlapping run profiles.

How does AutoSync handle overlapping run profiles?

AutoSync follows the Microsoft guidelines when it comes to running multiple management agents simultaneously. While import and export operations are allowed to overlap, synchronizations must be run exclusively. See the advanced settings topic for more information.

What versions of the synchronization engine are supported?

AutoSync will work on Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 and Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

What are the licensing and costs associated with AutoSync?

AutoSync is licensed under the MIT license, and is free to use in all types of deployments.

Can I use AutoSync on Azure AD Connect?

At this stage, Lithnet AutoSync is not supported on AAD connect.

Can I run AutoSync on a server other than the synchronization engine server?

Unfortunately, AutoSync needs direct access to the sync engine, and can only be installed on the same server.

Can I manage the AutoSync service and view the execution monitor from another machine?

Not yet, but the functionality is coming.

I've created a PowerShell trigger that I think other people can use. Is there somewhere I can share it?

Yes. We've put the PowerShell script trigger gallery together so people can share trigger scripts with the community.

Does AutoSync support multi-step run profiles

For automatic operations, AutoSync only supports single-step run profiles. Triggers can specify multi-step run profiles, and they can be added to the execution queue using the execution monitor. Be aware that if any step in a run profile requires a lock, the lock must be obtained for the entire run profile. For example, if you ran a combined full import and delta sync profile, the synchronization lock must be obtained for the full run, instead of just the delta sync component. This can prevent other operations from starting and result in unnecessary delays. It is highly recommended to only use single-step run profiles where possible.

Does AutoSync support multi-partition management agents

Version 1.1 and above support management agents with multiple partitions

Why does the AutoSync service account need to be a member of the FIMSyncAdmins group?

Loading information about the management agents, their partitions, and run profiles can only be performed with FIMSyncAdmin permissions. While the execution of run profiles only requires 'Operator' rights, AutoSync needs to understand the configuration of each management agent in order to correctly operate.

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