MIM service change detection trigger


AutoSync contains an out of box trigger that can be used on the MIM Service management agent, which will automatically detect changes in the MIM service, and trigger a delta import.


The MIM service trigger is only available on a MIM Service MA. From the triggers page, select Add trigger... and the MIM service change detection trigger will be available from the drop down list. Please note that only a single instance of the MIM service trigger can be added.

The trigger will pre-populate the hostname from the MA configuration, and set the default check interval to every 60 seconds.


The AutoSync service account requires permission to read the following attributes on all Request objects

  • msidmCompletedTime

You can create the set and MPR manually, or use the Create set and MPR... button on the trigger configuration page to do this automatically. Note that the logged on user must have administrative rights in the MIM service to create the set and MPR.

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