Scheduled interval trigger


AutoSync has built-in support for triggering a run profile at a regular interval starting at a particular day or time. For example, you can use the scheduled interval trigger to perform a full sync every Sunday at 3am.

If you need to run a profile repeatedly, without concern for the specific time it starts (eg every 15 minutes) then use the repeating interval trigger instead.


This trigger is available to use on any MA. From the triggers page, select Add trigger... and the scheduled interval trigger will be available from the drop down list. Each management agent can have an unlimited number of scheduled interval triggers.


Run profile

The run profile to execute

Trigger the run profile every

The amount of time which must pass before the run profile is triggered

Starting from

The day and time to start the execution on

Run profile must be run exclusively

If this box is checked, then when this profile is triggered, AutoSync prevents any new jobs from starting, it waits for all existing jobs to finish, runs the job, and then resumes normal operations

Note, that while you can specify a multi-step run profile, it is always best practice to specify single-step run profiles, and let AutoSync determine what follow up actions are required.

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